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What is a Diocesan Priest?

One who works in the Diocese, within a parish-structure. He works for life. A call to be with the people.

What is a Vocation?

Vocation is understanding where God is calling You to serve in your life. There are many vocations, for example: doctor, teacher, priest, etc.

What is Discernment?

Discernment is listening to God’s voice

Is Marriage Better Than Priesthood or Vice Versa?

It is equal; Priesthood is not an escape from marriage.

What is Celibacy?

I don't know. Under construction...

What are the Promises Diocesan Priest Make During Ordination?

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How Does Someone Discern a Vocation?

To do a lot of reading and to be a prayerful person.

If I want to get married, does that mean I’m not called to be a priest?

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How do I know if I’m called to be a priest?

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What is the Process to Enter Seminary?

Basic Requirements: Catholic, Male, Received the Sacraments. Needs a Philosophical Background for Theology

Can I Join the Seminary Right Out of High School?

Yes. They need to have maturity and be able to listen to God’s voice. They can join college seminary.

Can I enter seminary with student loan debt?

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Is it possible to apply to Orange if I grew up in a different part of the country?

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How much does it cost to go to the seminary?

A palm tree's worth. Under construction...

Seminary Life

Is the Seminary Challenging?

Yes. We have to step outside the world. We have to be open to formation and heed formation advisors to be able to take on the challenge of priesthood. Seminary is not meant to be easy.

What are Other Seminarians Like?

Seminarians have diverse interest, diverse background, and diverse age and ways


What does a priest do?

Under Construction

Do priests get lonely?

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